The Perfect Fit, Every Time.

Whether you’re an employer looking for that perfect hire, or someone looking for new opportunities, having a recruiting agency that understands the medical profession is the first step in a successful finish. As principal of TSR, Robin Holder has over 10 years of experience working with top companies in the medical field to find the most qualified recruits. Instead of looking for 'job hoppers', Robin is recognized in finding people who aren't necessarily looking for jobs. Why? Because they are the best candidates for you as a long term fit.

Her secret? Developing client relationships that are genuine, honest and trustworthy. For Robin, there are no shortcuts, substitutes, or patented formulas to this system because every person is different. Since she understands the effects a new hire can have on a business, creating these relationships is important because it allows a proper screening process to find someone appropriately qualified in terms of skills and personality.

Robin holds a B.A. from Baylor University. Her husband, Greg and two girls live in Wildwood, Missouri.

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